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Why Choose me?

I have spent the last several years facilitating experiences for youth that highlight the changing climate, decolonization of our food systems, our carbon footprint, and the power in community action. Teaching sustainability is not just a passion for me, its my purpose. Let me share what I have learned over the years and in my own life. Below are some examples of my main focuses. So excited for you to Sustain with me!


Localize our Food Systems

Knowing where your food comes from

Circular Economy

Shifting our disposables mentality


Wealth Redistribution

Supporting women and POC businesses in your community.

Self Sufficiency

Finding paths to self sufficiency and/or the people who can engineer it for you.


Invest in Green Energy

Reduce or eliminate your reliance on fossil fuels

Consumer Awareness

Learn to be vigilant with your purchases so you can support sustainable practices.


Listen and Love

Shifting to a space of less judgment and approaching people with curiosity and love.

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Oakland, Ca

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