My Vision

Together we can build a regenerative landscape.

It is my mission to provide education and garden designs that help diverse people and businesses create regenerative landscapes and indoor plant oases. Regenerative landscaping is the idea that when we build gardens with the entire ecosystem in mind, we can not only beautify that space, but also create landscapes that reverse climate change. Every garden, no matter its size, can do this by rebuilding soil organic matter and restoring degraded soil biodiversity – resulting in both carbon drawdown and improving the water cycle.

With the rise of COVID 19, our entire society has been awakened to the importance of self sufficiency. Seeing the grocery stores in a wreck, rising unemployment rates, and rampant food insecurity, I know that I have knowledge to offer my community that can help guide us to a healthier path.

Whether you want a native garden with simplicity, ease, and sustainability in mind, a vegetable garden with high yields for your family, a vertical garden for your small space, or to add plants to your indoor space for cleaner air and a more organic look, I am excited to provide a design that works for you. 

I invite you to Sustain With Me and become part of a movement to live in harmony with the Earth. 


Garden Design for your Home

My process for supporting wildest garden dreams


Goals and Dreams

Information gathering

We chat to find out exactly what you are looking for. I gather design ideas using your favorite fruits and veggies, or color schemes and types of plants.


Educational Consulting

Proud Public Education Work

I proudly offer curriculum consulting for teachers and programs guiding youth through learning experiences about food, agriculture, health, design, and sustainability.


Farm to Table Garden Design and Installation

Farm to Table interns at Ralph J Bunche Academy of Hospitality Tourism and Recreation learned how to plant, harvest, and maintain a large farm serving the culinary arts program. Both students seen here participated in multiple parts of this sustainable food system.


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Education Partnerships Past and Present

Oakland Unified School District (OUSD)

Attitudinal Healing Connection


Pie Ranch

Alameda County Office of Education

Techbridge Girls

Neologix Labs

OUSD Science

Growing Together

City Slicker Farms

Trust for Public Land

Laney College

Dig Deep Farms

Mandela Partners


How can a Garden Change a Life?


Michala Wilson, Bunche

  • The garden helps my confidence in myself as a person. It's taught me that you can organize and fix any problems that come your way.

  • I have really found myself gardening. I've learned that it has brought me a piece of mind that makes me feel safe.

  • It has shown me that I can grow as a person, be versatile and be open minded to others opinions because not all the time are you right.

  • I’ve also learned there is NO I IN TEAM it’s takes our team to make the magic happen

  • I learned how to communicate better with my partner by talking to my fellow teammates and seeing how they see a situation or how they would go about something.

  • [Ms Greenland] has given me so many opportunities and internships!

  • She has helped me in a way to manage my depression.

  • She has taught me how to be professional and she taught me how to write an email. 


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