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Regenerative Landscape Design

Are you aware of the environmental toll and local ecosystem disruption caused by conventional landscaping practices? Traditional methods not only strain our planet but also demand ongoing financial and time investments for upkeep.

The status quo in landscaping is neither sustainable nor efficient, relying heavily on excessive water usage, chemical interventions, and other environmentally detrimental resources. This not only impacts your wallet but also the health of our earth. It's high time we pivot towards a sustainable, regenerative model.

Enter our Bay Area Sustainable Landscape Design and Maintenance Services. We're dedicated to crafting landscapes that aren't just aesthetically pleasing but are also functional, sustainable havens offering manifold benefits to both homeowners and the environment. Whether it's integrating edible gardens that grace your table with fresh produce or employing natural pest management strategies, our customized approach aligns with your unique desires and the ecological well-being of the Bay Area.

Let us Help You Grow Your Vision

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"Amelia did a wonderfully thorough analysis of my yard, and what would grow where. She listened to me, and did a phenomenal job of mapping out when I should plant things, and created a template that would give us edible plants to have something to pick year round. She designed a sustainable system, and he expertise is worth its weight in gold. I am very happy to have found Amelia, and plan to hire her for further horticultural advice as we create an edible landscape throughout the year.

Robin W. Oakland, CA


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