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Landscape Design

Edible or Drought Tolerant

It is my belief that everyone should have access to healthy, fresh, nutrient dense produce they can watch grow from their land. Intentional design of truly healthy ecosystems can provide nourishment and minimize the amount of input needed. I love helping Bay Area families imagine growing their own food. 

If a drought tolerant, eye catching, and low maintenance garden is your desire, I am here to provide expert design and advice for you. I am passionate about giving back to the land in California, so I include  as many native species as possible and work to invite beautiful wildlife to your garden with carefully selected species. 

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Horticultural Consulting

Expert advice on pruning, planting, and maintaining your garden..


Regenerative Landscape Design

Design of a garden that uses less water, natural pest control, and naturally gives back to the soil while inviting in beneficial insects and birds.


Indoor Plant Design and Consulting

Bring warmth and greenery to your indoor space with lush foliage.


Balcony or Patio Garden Design

Maximize the potential of your small urban space with an amazing vertical garden.


Education for the family

I am an educator in my bones and am happy to engage your family members of any age in learning how to tend their new recruits.

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Oakland, Ca


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