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Edible, Regenerative Landscape Design

Tired of maintaining a traditional lawn and garden that requires a lot of resources and time, but does not provide any benefits beyond aesthetics?

Have you considered the impact that traditional landscaping practices have on the environment and your local ecosystem? Not to mention the financial and time burden that comes with constant maintenance.

The traditional landscaping industry is unsustainable and inefficient. It requires excessive water, chemicals, and other resources that harm the environment and your wallet. It's time to embrace a more sustainable and regenerative approach.

That's where our Edible, Regenerative Landscape Design and Maintenance Services come in. Our services focus on creating beautiful, functional, and sustainable landscapes that provide multiple benefits to you and the environment. From edible gardens to natural pest control, our approach is tailored to your needs and preferences.

"Amelia did a wonderfully thorough analysis of my yard, and what would grow where. She listened to me, and did a phenomenal job of mapping out when I should plant things, and created a template that would give us edible plants to have something to pick year round. She designed a sustainable system, and he expertise is worth its weight in gold. I am very happy to have found Amelia, and plan to hire her for further horticultural advice as we create an edible landscape throughout the year.

Robin W. Oakland, CA


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Oakland, Ca


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